In the week of James Naughtie’s gaffe on the Today programme, it is amusing to recall — amusing to me, at any rate — a clanger of a rather similar sort that occurred many years ago at a church fete in Swindon. A former colleague of mine was present at the occasion and swore to me that the story was true.

It involves the actress Diana Dors, who was brought up in Swindon, where she is commemorated today in a saucy bronze sculpture (see above), which was created in 1991 by John Clinch. It stands outside the cinema at Shaw Ridge Leisure Park.

Diana was Britain’s answer in her 1950s heyday to Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. And like the former Norma Jeane Baker and Vera Jayne Palmer, she had changed her name before making her bid for stardom. It is easy to see why she decided to do this, because she was born and brought up as Diana Fluck.

The vicar at the church fete was reminded of this before he mounted the podium to welcome the celebrity.

Thus it was that he was able to tell his audience: “Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you our star guest. We all love her, especially as she is our local girl. I therefore feel it right to introduce her by her real name.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the very lovely Miss Diana Clunt.”