As mentioned last week six intrepid souls trekked to Oxford on Wednesday night, pooled our resources to buy a car parking ticket, (how they justify taking this kind of money for parking in the evening I don’t know. The last time I was robbed at least they had the courtesy to wear a mask). Anyway I digress, the point of the exercise was to see Fun Run at the Old Fire Station by local playwright Joe Graham.

Well I have to say I was impressed. The plot, the pace, the acting was first rate and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Joe Graham also directed the play.

James Card, who played Touchy, doesn’t seem to have aged a bit since we used to see him in productions at Matthew Arnold School, and ably played his part with gusto. Steve Hay as the office manager was excellent as was Katie Mansfield as the chameleon like receptionist, changing her image in every scene. A great production.

Don’t forget ODN Festival starts this weekend at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon. Our entry, The Summer of my Thirtieth Year, will be performed on Tuesday, 1 June. Tickets are £6 each, available from Mike Lacey (Email or the bookshop in Abingdon or on the door. The schedule for the week is as follows: Mon 31st May 7.30pm 1. Launton Village Players “From Five to Five Thirty” by Philip Johnson 2. BreakaLeg Productions "Last Scene of All" by Margaret Wood Tue 1st June 7.30pm 1. Kingston Bagpuize Drama Group "Summer of my 30th Year" by Mark Rees 2. Sinodun Players "Just Passing" by Colin & Mary Crowther Wed 2nd June 7.30pm 1. Didcot Phoenix "Accidental death of an Anarchist" by Daniel Fo 2. Henley Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society. "The Ladybirds" by Tom Layton Thu 3rd June 7.30pm 1. Stagelights "My Country" by Kieran Hearty 2. Banbury Cross Players "Donahue Sisters" by Geraldine Aron Fri 4th June 7.30pm 1. Chiltern Players "Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish" by David Tristram 2. Abingdon Drama Club "The Dreaming of the Bones" by W B Yeats 3. Henley Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society "The Landlord’s Tale" by Liz Carroll Sat 5th June 7.30pm 3 plays to be decided by the Adjudicator at the end of Friday evening.

See after Friday performances for a list of the plays selected.

Best story of the week is about the American cop on the witness stand in the courtroom: The policeman was being cross-examined by a defence attorney during a felony trial.

The lawyer was trying to undermine the police officer's credibility...

Q: 'Officer, did you see my client fleeing the scene?'

A: 'No sir. But I subsequently observed a person matching the description of the offender, running several blocks away.'

Q: 'Officer -- who provided this description?'

A: 'The officer who responded to the scene.'

Q: 'A fellow officer provided the description of this so-called offender. Do you trust your fellow officers?'

A: 'Yes, sir. With my life.'

Q: 'With your life? Let me ask you this then officer. Do you have a room where you change your clothes in preparation for your daily duties?'

A: 'Yes sir, we do!'

Q: 'And do you have a locker in the room?'

A: 'Yes sir, I do.'

Q: 'And do you have a lock on your locker?'

A: 'Yes sir.'

Q: 'Now why is it, officer, if you trust your fellow officers with your life, you find it necessary to lock your locker in a room you share with these same officers?'

A: 'You see, sir -- we share the building with the court complex, and sometimes lawyers have been known to walk through that room.'