The Sinodun Players have been staging Pantomimes since 1949 so they should be well versed in putting on this seasonal form of entertainment. However nothing prepared me for the sheer professionalism of their rendering of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, as good a pantomime performance as I have seen in many a year and I am including The Oxford Playhouse here.

The vibrant colours of the impressive slickly changed set and costumes, both delivered by Marilyn Johnstone, could have come straight from the West End. The acting was practically faultless and the stage and auditorium used to the limit. Full marks go to Director Caroline Wilkes, people have got OBE's for less than this.

It's impossible to mention all the cast but suffice to say Fiona Huntingdon-Ledger as Mustafa Screwloose had the audience in the palm of her hands. She kept the entertainment coming, on her own at times, giving a master class in Panto lapped up by the good folk in the auditorium baying for more.

It was also good to see a reversal to non-PC days with the Principal Boy (Ali Baba) played by a young lady, in this case the capable thigh slapping Zoe Nielsen, and with Richard Doughty as the Dame Fatima, just a perfect performance.

Adam Brimley portrayed the evil Asbad head of the thieves, he clearly enjoyed brandishing his sword and threatening all concerned. Colin the Camel provided great hilarity as did Bashim and Grabbit (Peter Smithson and David Simmons)the new recruits to Abad's band of scallywags.

The Sultan (Mark Wilton) played his role with suitable aloofness but certainly had the best job sat on his throne at the side of the stage throughout holding hands with his new squeeze Scheherazade enthusiastically played by Kirsty Van Den Belk.

The plot is simple Ali Baba stuck for funds tracks down Asbad's stash of treasure so he can marry the Princess Jasmine. Now Jasmine (Sian McLaughlin) has fallen for Ali and fallen out with the idea of marrying Prince Haroun (Emily Streets)which is just as well as Prince Haroun is now in love with the ex-slave Marjana (Amy Jo Hudson). Now I thought Emily Streets had more than a passing resemblance to Meghan Markle and almost expected to see Prince Harry sat behind me (which has happened before I might add), but not this time. Back to the plot.

Ali does discover the booty much to the chagrin of Asbad and his cronies and all ends happily ever after.

Ali Baba is a terrific show and was obviously well appreciated by the audience who had their brief chance of stardom being involved throughout including being invited on to the stage many of whom took up the offer.

The Lighting and Effects were again faultless full marks to the crew, but the highlight for me was the Magic Carpet actually lifting off the stage, Wow, the Sinodun Players are high fliers indeed.