THE SOONER Chiltern Rail pull their finger out and open up the Cowley branch line to passengers the better.

A passenger rail link, from the Cowley business and Littlemore science parks, through to Oxford and beyond, is just what our city needs. Older people in Littlemore can remember in the old days catching steam trains from Littlemore into Oxford. That former station off Sandford Road is now built on.

But a new station to serve the science park and Littlemore on either side of the existing railway would make all the difference for travel across Oxford. The Government has promised £300,000 to help get the new service moving.

Now it’s up to the private sector and Oxfordshire’s Growth Board to go full steam (or should I say electric) ahead with this project.

Rail commuters travelling in and out of Cowley, Blackbird Leys and Littlemore will take lots of cars off the road. It is a sure-fire winner and just what Oxford needs to spread jobs and prosperity right across our city.


Littlemore ward City council board member for a Clean and Green Oxford

Sunningwell Road, Oxford