THE media coverage condemning Oxfam for supposedly keeping quiet about the disciplinary action that was taken over some aid workers using prostitutes has been blown out of all proportion.

Oxfam employ thousands of good people to whom their work is beyond just doing a job. Out of those thousands a very small number, seven or eight, used their positions to exploit people already in a bad situation, but Oxfam dealt with all that at the time and those people were removed.

There has been no mention of the amazing work they do on a daily basis, some putting their lives on the line in emergency situations. I hope people realise this for what it is and continue to support the thousands of good people in Oxfam.

People are proud to work for them, it is called Oxfamily by those who love them. Please don’t tar all with the same brush because of a few bad eggs. This Government has more than a few of them as we all know.

I worked for Oxfam for 16 years and have seen first-hand what hard work is done and with love and how hard emergency situations are on everyone concerned. Don’t blame the whole organisation for the bad behaviour of the few.


Wolsey Road, Summertown