WITH reference to the Oxford Mail’s report (January 30) on the data produced by The End Child Poverty coalition.

It needs to be noted that it is not only Barton (32.58 per cent), Rose Hill (34.97 per cent), and Blackbird Leys (36.99 per cent) which have around a third or more of children living in households which have less than 60 per cent of the median income for the UK.

The data from the End Child Poverty coalition also indicates similar high levels of child poverty in two other wards in Oxford – Cowley Marsh (36.06 per cent) and Churchill (35.46 per cent), which includes the Wood Farm estate.

Child poverty in Oxford is evident in a range of areas across the city and the data from the End Child Poverty coalition is a stark reminder of how structural inequalities in income distribution are reproduced and embedded in local communities.


Bulan Road, Oxford