REGARDING the problems Miss Handy is having siting defibrillators in Wallingford (Oxford Mail, January 16), we had a similar problem in Kennington.

Our first three were soon sited thanks to two business owners and the Village Hall letting us fix them to their properties and tapping in to their power supply. The fourth, which we wished to place in a part of the village not close to one of the other three turned into a problem.

A resident in a housing association property was more than willing to have it situated on his property but the association came out with all the excuses about health and safety, etc.

After investigating other options another resident offered his property which we gladly used. My point is that with these devices becoming more and more widespread across the whole country, surely the obvious solution is to place them on the street lamp poles. The electric supply is already there.

Unfortunately, when we made enquiries about this we received the standard excuse used for everything nowadays – health and safety.

We would like to provide some more in the village to provide even better coverage but it seems to be an impossible task to find suitable sites.

Perhaps the Oxford Mail, who have been so helpful in publicising these life-saving devices, would like to try and get a sensible answer from the relevant authorities as to why this simple solution is not possible.


Sugworth Lane, Radley