HAVING the smiling face of Sister Frances Dominica on the front page of the Oxford Mail (December 23) was a splendid idea, as it shows that the founder of the city’s Helen & Douglas House hospice has not allowed unjust accusations to diminish her faith-based commitment to being of practical assistance to the low-paid, former prisoners, and people without homes, in the city of Oxford.

As Oxford city councillors are busy turning Oxford City Council into a trading and for-profit privatised corporation of which Oxford Direct Services is an example, in preference to using the council tax to provide essential services for Oxford’s lowly paid, former military personnel, former prisoners and those without homes.

It is clear that the responsibility for assisting Oxford’s marginalised people will fall on individuals like Sister Frances and other people of faith and unelected people who genuinely care for people in Oxford. Sister Frances needs £1.5m to help the Porch become of great assistance to Oxford’s vulnerable. I am sure Oxford Mail readers will financially support Sister Frances Dominica’s much-needed newest mission.