THE 1970s Doctor Who used to famously warn his female assistant to “put her weapon away in case she hurt herself…or someone else”.

Many Oxford people would like to repeat Doctor Who’s words to the armed constables on Oxford’s streets.

Seeing fully armed police constables patrolling Oxford city centre in a mix of uniform comprising of US-style baseball cap; a foundry worker’s overalls and Robocop attachments, is certainly disquieting and this has prompted Elizabeth Lock to register her concerns to the professional standards department of Thames Valley Police (Oxford Mail, December 18).

Many Oxford people feel uneasy seeing police constables spying on the general public as they cradle closely their automatic weapons.

Moreover, we are constantly informed that our “values” and “way of life” will not be compromised by threats.

Having armed police constables is an unwelcome proof that our “values” and “way of life” in Oxford has definitely been altered.