THE ‘hire a hubby’ idea (Oxford Mail, December 16) is outdated, sexist and problematic for so many reasons.

People are still being held to unrealistic gender expectations and businesses like ‘Hire a Hubby’ only perpetuate the issue.

Gender discrimination exists for many people around the world, and recently we’ve seen a surge in people coming forward with personal accounts of sexism in everyday situations.

It is estimated that one in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence at some point in their lifetime.

Men are also stereotyped, including being the ‘handyman’ around the home.

And yet we know that around two-thirds of all suicides globally are committed by men, meaning we have to change the way we speak to men about emotions and mental health.

Given the social pressures faced by people today, we must collectively reflect on how these prejudices affect so many people in our communities and what we should do about it.

You would think that, in 2017, people have moved away from the idea that only men can do handy work in the home, but alas this story only paints the idea that women ‘need’ men and men must do the hard labour.

We have the opportunity now to shape the future and to change the way we think.

So let’s tell young people that they can do anything they want to, and can be whoever they want to be.

This needs to start with eradicating outdated and sexist gimmicks like ‘Hire a Hubby’, and encouraging young people to break into gender-dominated industries.


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