SATURDAY’S Oxford Mail had a great front page of four speedway riders on what was once a great competitive speedway track and one that still could be.

We are given hope once again by the council that our family sport can return to Oxford. In truth it was only the greed of the hedge fund owners why we lost speedway back in 2008.

Impossibly high rent set by the venture capitalists forced the speedway promoters out. The stadium’s viability was lost followed by the end of greyhound racing. All along they were pursuing a scheme to demolish the stadium and replace it with high-density house building applications, which the council rightly voted down.

The stadium needs to be managed as a business that wants to make it a successful multi-use sports venue again. Compulsory purchase by the council is the only way forward in order to free the stadium from the current owners who have no interest in making it a success. They just want to destroy it.

I hope that the survey takes stock of all the community values the stadium gives to those who want to use it and to those of us who enjoy speedway as relatively inexpensive family friendly sport. Let the Cheetahs Roar again.


London Road, Wheatley