IT IS R Beauchamp (Oxford Mail, November 29) who seeks to sow confusion about the EU referendum.

The only question on the ballot paper was whether to leave or remain.

Neither was anything said in the referendum campaign about the possible terms of any deal in the event of a vote to leave.

It is only since the referendum that leavers have tried to deceive us into thinking that a vote to leave was also a vote for a hard Brexit.

Brexit is probably the single most significant reason why “ in a constituency with strong remain sympathies”  Nicola Blackwood lost her seat in Parliament. It is probably the single most significant reason why such former Conservative strongholds as Canterbury turned to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. 

Leavers would be wise to heed the outcome of the General Election.

I make this prediction: that if leavers continue with their pursuit of a hard Brexit at all costs the most likely outcome is that they will split the Conservative Party, bring down Theresa May, and quite possibly usher in a Corbyn government.

Chris Robins
Foxdown Close, Kidlington