WHAT I’M CALLED: Trev Williams

MY AGE: 31

WHAT I DO: I run around, sing and play music, and teach guitar in Oxfordshire primary schools and for Adult Learning in Cowley.

WHERE I LIVE: East Oxford.

WHO I LOVE: People who are different, people who accept me, my friends, parents and sister, and myself (sometimes).

MY HAPPIEST YEAR: There have been quite a few happy moments in different years but I think 2003, when I graduated from university in Salford, Manchester, was my happiest year. I also went to a very sunny Glastonbury festival, which Radiohead headlined, and set up as a freelance musician.

MY DARKEST MOMENT: Having a breakdown in Manchester, being suicidal, having panic attacks, depression and paranoia. This took a long time to recover from and the overall feeling of “where is my mind?” was certainly my darkest moment. I now understand quite a lot more about mental health and am keen to promote it. I have supported Oxfordshire MIND and RESTORE playing a number of fundraising gigs and going on a trek in Ireland. The stigma that often surrounds mental health certainly made it hard for me to talk about it at the time so I am keen to change that.

MY PROUDEST BOAST: I went in a hot air balloon with Richard Branson, although I didn’t really know who he was as I was only young, Also, local folkies Stornoway supported me at my Guiding Star album launch. I booked them in one of their first ‘big’ Oxford shows at that time.

MY BIGGEST REGRET: Giving up ballet, age six, due to peer pressure and being told that it was only for girls (by other six-year-olds!)

MY WORST WEAKNESS: Thinking too much, and my handwriting.

A LESSON LEARNED: Wherever you go, go with all your heart. I am still learning it.

MY DULLEST JOB: My admin and tax – as I am self-employed I have to do lots of it. I also worked packing Ready Steady Cook hats into boxes when I was 16, which was dull after one full day of it.

MY GREATEST SHAME: Weeing on the carpet in class one.

MY LIFE-LONG HERO: God, whoever that may be, and Thom Yorke.

MY OLDEST FRIEND: Adam Woodley who lived three doors along from me.

THE PERSON I KNOW WITH THE WIDEST SMILE: Jennifer El Gammal, a Belgian accordion player who I met at Peace News Camp in Shrewsbury. The world is a better place if you smile.

MY FAVOURITE DREAM: I think when we dream our mind unravels. I am in a purple field, there are strange animals everywhere which I can’t fully see, and a gate I can’t get through. I have no idea what it means. It has also been really exciting to watch the dream of the People’s Supermarket in Cowley Road become a reality, and to be a part of that. When I am awake I probably dream of more equality; less capitalism and more peace.