• PROMINENT councillor Mark Lygo was looking sporty as he was snapped with members of the Chinese Olympic delegation in Oxford earlier this week.

Mr Lygo, the city board member for parks and sports, opted for Converse Allstars and a sports jacket when he met the smartly-dressed Chinese visitors.

We all know the days of shirt and tie on the job are numbered, but I wonder what his Chinese counterparts thought of his gym-kit-chic.

Still, it’s reassuring that someone was helping to “run” the council, with both leader and deputy leader away on holiday...

  • CITY councillor Antonia Bance issued an apology for swearing on Twitter last month. Unfortunately, we can’t print the original tweet, but it appears the Labour councillor got so riled about Coalition Government changes to council tax, she just couldn’t help herself.

Sure she isn’t the first person driven to profanity by Government policy. I hope she didn’t lose any of her 2,600-plus followers for her potty-mouthed explosion.

  • LONDON’S Olympic lanes have a new biggest fan – county council leader Ian Hudspeth .

The top Tory, who was in the capital as an Olympic guest, tweeted: “These Olympic lanes are fantastic, makes driving into London so much better”.

Maybe the experience will influence policy across traffic -clogged across Oxford?

  • HE may be cheering on Team GB, but do county councillor Arash Fatemian’s loyalties really lie Down Under?

The young cabinet member tweeted a picture of himself dressed head to toe as a kangaroo, to the amusement of many of his followers.

He said: “May come to regret this one day but for now, fancy dress as a boxing kangaroo for Team Australia in office Olympics.”