THE Insider tips his hat to BBC Radio Oxford for discovering BT had bungled its listings of MPs in the brand new Oxford phonebook.

In case you didn’t see the story, Boris Johnson was still listed as MP for Henley, despite decamping to London as mayor in 2008.

Dr Evan Harris is still a prominent public figure, given his stream of tweets on Twitter and appearances on the telly — perhaps fooling the phone company into believing he had defeated Nicola Blackwood as the MP for Oxford West and Abingdon.

And poor old Ed Vaizey, right, doesn’t even rate a mention.

But, as the Insider knows from bitter experience, when you break these stories poking fun at others’ mistakes, you need to make sure your own house is in order.

The Beeb’s local website made the classic mistake of listing Miss Blackwood’s constituency as West Oxford and Abingdon.

Red faces all round then.

Neighbourhood police teams in West Oxfordshire have created Twitter accounts with the aim of building community cohesion.

But for some that should read confusion.

It seems the beat officers are not as au fait with social media as their prolific tweeting boss, Chief Inspector Colin Paine (635 followers).

Chipping Norton, Witney, Carterton and Woodstock all started tweeting on February 17 and, at this early stage, Woodstock is well ahead with 29 tweets and 69 followers.

Witney has been beaten comprehensively by neighbouring rival town Carterton – it has four followers compared to Carterton’s 42 . Both towns join Chippy in only putting out a handful of Tweets.

But, frankly, Eynsham has been letting the side down.

The team finally released its first Tweet on Tuesday, stating: “Still trying to set up my phone, not easy!!”

It was followed up with another tweet: “Just eating my sandwiches before I go out for a walk in the village, at least it is not raining.”

It seems the city council really is taking its £420,000 super loo plan seriously. Announcing the Gloucester Green scheme, council board member John Tanner could hardly contain his excitement, suggesting the costly convenience would be a tourist draw in its own right.

But it left The Insider wondering – what is bog standard when it comes to an almost £500,000 lav?

Well it seems the council may have undertaken some pan-European research.

Councillor Oscar van Nooijen tweeted this week: “The loo in this hotel in Berlin features the sound of birdsong, piped in at a subtle volume in an ambient sort of way. It is oddly pleasant.”

But at 50p to spend a penny, perhaps The Insider’s readers would care to suggest some different sounds for Gloucester Green.