MRS Thatcher may leave her mark on Oxford University, 27 years after dons refused to award the former Prime Minister an honorary degree.

Multi-millionaire donor Wafic Said, who has a huge country pile in Tusmore, near Bicester, has announced he wants the new Said Business School extension next to the railway station to be named after the Iron Lady.

Perhaps movie star Meryl Streep could be persuaded to open it.

AS to her latest successor as PM, what was Witney MP David Cameron thinking, posing for a photoshoot staring at a counter of dead fish?

His staged trip to a Morrison’s supermarket was meant to show he was a man of the people – that is, the sort of people who dine on sea bass for supper.

One shopper gushed: “He went in the queue and paid for it himself.”

Gosh, we really are all in it together.

POOR old Chipping Norton has had a bit of a bashing over the year, it’s infamous ‘set’ (none of whom live in the town) not quite the impregnable elite they once were.

But the town still has its ardent admirers.

In the bestselling I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan, Norwich’s most famous son tells his readers: “God, I’d love to live in Chipping Norton.”

Watch the house prices tumble.

THE engines may no longer be powered in the old-fashioned way, but it seems steam still rises inside the carriages on the Cotswold Line.

One passenger tweeted: “Help me find the brown haired girl with a nose ring who travelled from Charlbury to Paddington Monday lunch! I should’ve said hello! Pls RT!”

It’s like a 21st century Brief Encounter, complete with body piercings.

A £60,000 grant from the Jubilee Lottery Fund has been awarded to stage Swindon: The Opera. Someone at Lottery HQ must have thought Di Canio was a famous Italian composer.

The Insider is not convinced it will be The Queen’s most memorable celebration of her 60 years on the throne.

As anyone who has visited Swindon will know, it will, of course, be a tragedy, and if the music is anything like the town’s traffic system, it will go round in circles endlessly.