WHAT I’M CALLED: Philip Guy Davis, aka Silverphil.

MY AGE IN YEARS: Let’s just say I’m 50+ WHAT I DO: I’m a semi-retired tour arranger and music promoter.

WHERE I LIVE: Walton Street, Oxford. I’ve lived in two houses on the street since 1981. I like the fact that everything is on my doorstep, yet I have a garden with a swimming pool out the back where you would not know you are in the middle of the city.

WHO I LOVE: My two sons and two grandchildren, who are so talented.

HAPPIEST YEAR: 1972, while I was living in Saint-Tropez in southern France. I used to go to all these amazing parties, parties on yachts, Brigitte Bardot’s birthday, and everything you could imagine. It was a very special, wonderful life.

DARKEST MOMENT: In November 1979 I lost my nightclub, my home and a large amount of money. I had bought a closed-up nightclub in Shepherd’s Bush, but I soon had a run-in with the Cosa Nostra – the Mafia. It got very dangerous and I had to get out of there. I lost £76,000, which back in 1979 was a lot of money, and was left with nothing. I came to Oxford the next year to lick my wounds.

PROUDEST BOAST: In July 1974, I sailed my boat from Poole harbour to southern Spain, where I bought a home and business. It was a real achievement. I had only ever sailed round the Isle of Wight before. When I got down there, we used to sail from the mainland to Ibiza once a week.

WORST WEAKNESS: Harley Davidson-riding rock chicks.

LESSON LEARNED: Always believe in a good dream, and make it a reality.

DULLEST JOB: I used to be a professional photographer at one time, working in Mayfair Studios. The owners used to gamble on the horses and messed their business up. When I went to collect my wages and expenses, there wasn’t any to pay me. I had a wife and a small child and I had to do anything to get some income and so took this night job at Walls ice cream, filling vats with recycled ice cream. When the ice cream fridges went wrong, they would bring them in and I’d have to put all the stock in these vats to save it. It was a dreadful job. I used to come home smelling of vanilla.

GREATEST SHAME: My father was pretty much the boss of Gloucestershire for 29 years. One of his big achievements was getting the first Severn Bridge built. He knew he was going to receive a knighthood, but he died the year before he was due to get it. He had justly earned it, and my mother was devastated.

LIFELONG HERO: Willie Nelson. He has been such a huge entertainer. I know it is wrong, but I love the fact that he completely disregarded the American tax system, but they could not put him in prison because he is such a hero. So the US tax people became his agents and he had to tour for them until he had paid it all back. You have to admire his spirit.

OLDEST FRIEND: This is a difficult one to answer, as there have been many special friends in my life. There are really two. One is still alive, my friend Marie Francoise in Southern France. But also Brian Jones, who formed the Rolling Stones, and who I grew up with in Cheltenham. I was there when Alexis Korner introduced Brian to the blues legend Howlin’ Wolf. I miss him a lot, and I am sad what happened to him.

WIDEST SMILE: When I was a child I had two horses and was a member of the Beaufort Hunt pony club. The Duke of Beaufort was Master of the Queen’s Horses, and I was honoured to receive a written compliment from him wishing me a great career as a horseman. That brought a very wide smile.

FAVOURITE DREAM: To have enough money and time to visit all my musician friends across the US.

BIGGEST REGRET: Hesitating and losing the chance to buy a beautiful house in Gassin, near Saint-Tropez.