* SO how to deter the ‘yoof’ of today from a violent orgy of rioting? Well Prime Minister David Cameron laid down his plans clearly during his keynote speech in Witney’s Base 33 youth club on Monday: talk them into submission.

A hand-selected audience of entirely innocent teenagers sat impassively through Mr Cameron’s diatribe on Britain’s moral decline, which was aimed squarely over the heads of the youngsters to the assembled gang of journalists.

As hacks tweeted the landmark speech, and commentators were wheeled into TV studios for instant reaction, what did the invited audience make of it all?

“It was all rather boring,” one 14-year-old told The Insider.

This was the PM taking his revenge: last time he was at Base 33 in 2007, teenagers embarrassed him with a question about his youthful cannabis use.

And with prisons now rapidly filling with rioters, perhaps forcing young offenders to listen to political speeches could be a hallmark of the new “zero tolerance” punishment regime.

Strip the reprobates of their DVDs and games consoles, and punish looters with an hour at a county council cabinet meeting and arsonists with a stretch at the Growth and Infrastructure Scrutiny Committee.

That should fix ‘Broken Britain’.

* OXFORDSHIRE football fans are sadly used to fairly meagre coverage in the national media, but the BBC plumbed the depths on Saturday afternoon.

Oxonians settling down in front of BBC1’s Final Score on Saturday might have had their attention prised away from Garth Crooks’ ramblings by the show’s high-tech set, with a scrolling list of the Premier and Football Leagues floating behind Gabby Logan.

One glaring error stood out, however. Much like Robert Maxwell’s ridiculous plan to merge Oxford United and Reading into the Thames Valley Royals, the Beeb had spliced the Yellows with bitter rivals Swindon to form “Oxford Town FC”.

We hope the error is rectified before the two sides face off in Wiltshire on Sunday.

* Oxford’s new Green Lord Mayor, Elise Benjamin, pictured, has vowed to cut the mayoral carbon emissions. Maybe that’s why the latest civic engagement list contains just nine events through August and September.

But if we’re going to be eco-friendly, Elise, surely it is not very eco-friendly to send the three-page document, which contains so little it could be scrawled on the back of a fag packet, by post?