Two vastly different things but identical roots. Makeup. Why do girls like me wear it? Hypocritically, makeup is the race of trying to change yourself to fit in when really if everyone was to look the same then we would be so dull and unoriginal instead of being grateful for ourselves and the way we act and look.


 Makeup spurts the race of insecurities, the race of creating new ways to hide pimples, eye bags, freckles. In a world where they are so many standards and role models to look up to, we lose perspective of the little girl inside of us, would the little girl inside want us crying in hopes of losing weight to look like a runway model, the hopes of having gorgeous hair, would that little girl even know what contour is?


I think makeup is such a wonderful thing but have I ever cared to look at the ingredients? No, of course not! I dread to think how many chemicals and pigments are in there but the delusion driven by peers saying “you look pretty today” or just posting a picture online and a boy commenting.


My friends, family and teachers have told me makeup isn’t good for my skin, or I don’t need it, but I do… I have been at my school for 9 months and within those nine months I have never come into school without makeup. If it wasn’t on by the time I walked in, it was on by my first lesson. Even if that meant doing my mascara as I walk down the corridor with a mirror, that was the sacrifice.


When I was in year seven, I had no idea how to put mascara on without poking my eyes out. I sneaked a tube of my mum’s mascara into school towards the end of year seven and learned how to put it on from all my friends that wore it. It was always one coat… not anymore. I look back and think how did I show my face into school with no makeup? I quickly learned how to do my makeup from watching people on the internet..


Nowadays I think going into a makeup store is like going into a toyshop when I was younger. Instead of picking out a teddy or a doll it’s now a mascara. When I come to think about it! I hate getting older as it just takes away the joy of growing up. So the impressions makeup has held upon me is much to be taken for granted…