LIVING plastic-free for a week was pretty much impossible for me, but it has made me realise just how much plastic I use everyday.

The first problem I came across as I tried to refrain from using plastic was that almost all of my personal care products are either made from plastic or stored in plastic packaging.

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My electric toothbrush, toothpaste, skincare products, shower gel and razor all contain or are stored in plastic.

Even my contact lenses are made from silicone hydrogel which is a plastic material.

It's slightly more eco-friendly to use an electric toothbrush because I don't have to buy a new toothbrush every month.

But when it comes to skincare products, there's no way to avoid using plastic, especially as I love skincare and have quite an extensive range of specific products from different brands that I use.

Oxford Mail: The skin care products I use on a regular basis are all in plastic packaging or made from plasticThe skin care products I use on a regular basis are all in plastic packaging or made from plastic

I did spend the week seeking out information on labels and packaging on whether the plastic was made in a sustainable way. For example, a few of the skincare products I use are packaged in bottles made from recycled plastic.

I also tried to reuse 'single-use' plastic that I would normally throw away. Instead of throwing freezer bags in the bin, I washed them and reused them.

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Instead of buying bottled water, I reused a glass bottle by filling it with tap water and storing it in the fridge.

The only place in Banbury where you can buy fruit and vegetables that are not wrapped in plastic is at the town market.

Held on Thursdays and Saturdays, the food on offer is not packaged and is also given in paper bags.

I noticed that some fresh produce at supermarkets is not in plastic packaging. At my local Tesco superstore in Banbury, lemons, bananas, potatoes and carrots are some of the foods that you can buy loosely.

Oxford Mail: Meat is often packaged in plastic at supermarketsMeat is often packaged in plastic at supermarkets

But everything else, from bread, meat, milk, yoghurt and rice to pasta, juice, biscuits and crisps are wrapped in plastic. And things that you think are packaged in cardboard, often contain plastic inside too such as pizzas and fajita kits.

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There are some eco shops in Oxfordshire that have recently opened where you can refill containers with dried foods, oils, hair and body care and other products. Nothing But Footprints offers this service in Banbury, but my love for certain brands will make it very hard for me to give up plastic.

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