Anneliese Dodds has demanded speedy clarification on “completely contradictory advice” from Government now that Oxford has been designated an enhanced response area (ERA) due to rising levels of Covid.

She said under the ERA people are expected to minimise travel in and out of the area and continue to work from home if they can.

But, she said, the Government has indicated that it will lift all restrictions on July 19.

The Oxford East MP said in a letter to Health Secretary Sajid Javid: “Requiring people to work from the office directly contradicts what people in my constituency have been asked to do as part of the ERA.

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“This is a recipe for confusion, which will put people in very difficult positions when it comes to their own behaviour and enforcement.

“What guidance should local authorities based in ERAs provide to those who, for example, wish to travel outside the ERA in order to attend an event? Is it your Department's advice that they should say to those individuals that the guidance indicates they should not travel?", she wrote.

She added: “What guidance should local authorities based in ERAs provide to those employers who, as another example, are unsure of whether to require their staff to work at home or from their workplace?”

She demanded to know if ERA status will persist beyond July 19.

She also asked why the implementation of Oxford's ERA was announced on a Friday evening “when this will compromise the local authorities' ability to get the message out (as well as local media)?”