STUDENTS at Oxford University voted to remove a ‘colonial’ portrait of the Queen from their common room.

Members of the college’s middle common room (MCR) voted to take down the print because for some students ‘depictions of the monarch and the British monarchy represent recent colonial history’.

We asked our readers on Facebook whether students made the right decision to take down the portrait and here’s what you said:

MARK MINNIE WHITTAKER: “It’s absolutely fine. The MCR is populated by a large number of post grad international students for whom the Queen means nothing, not to mention a significant number of domestic ones for whom deference to, or reverence of royalty is an outdated concept.

“It’s certainly not ‘cancel culture’ it’s just removing a picture that has no meaning to most who use the space and for some, only represents a negative.”

INDIA COLLINS-DAVIES: “I’d be interested to know how many people think that all Oxford college common rooms come with photos of monarchs as standard. 

“It’s a communal, informal social space which have always been decorated according to the views of the students who use them. 

“Colleges sometimes shuffle the art on display in its more formal, non-student-led spaces (such as dining halls) - somehow this doesn’t seem to generate quite so much anger?”

DIPLOMAT’S PARTNER: “I really do not understand these students who want the photo of the Queen to be removed from the common room. 

“They know the Queen is the head of this country, maybe they should leave and go where they will not be reminded of colonialism. 

“If they are international students why did they come in the first place, didn’t they know about the Queen? If they are local are they only learning of the Queen now?”

CRAIG BADDY: “It’s the reason they removed it. If they are offended by history and patriotism then I feel sorry for them. History shapes a country to help people learn and make changes. 

“She isn’t a horrible person or done anything wrong so why be offended. The students are supposed to be the future. It’s not a future I’m looking forward to.”

POL PENTER: “It amuses me so much all these people getting their knickers in a twist about this, especially ones throwing around words like 'Marxist' while clearly not knowing what they mean. 

“As a democracy we can choose who and what we have or don’t have on our walls. It’s intriguing that the same people who no doubt bang on about ‘free speech’ are apoplectic with rage at this group of students exercising theirs.”

HILLARY JAMES: “I think the answer is in the question, if it’s their common room they should be able to decide which paintings are displayed.”

MARIE HADAWAY: “There is no right or wrong. Their common room, their choice.”

BRIAN NAZARENE: “I wonder if all the outraged people have a portrait of the Queen in their sitting rooms?”

JANE DORAN: “No, no and no. They have no right.”

GRAHAM D IRVINE: “Absolute travesty. Surely removing the Queen from anywhere amounts to treason.”

MIKE LITTLE: “This issue of the Queen's portrait is fairly inconsequential, it’s the politics behind it that is a worrying sign of the times in society and especially universities.”

KATHRYN WHITBY: “I believe in free speech. So, it is their choice, (albeit a poor reason in my opinion) no matter how woke it is.”

KASHIF ALI QURESHI: “What’s the big deal? The students themselves purchased the picture in 2013 and now decided to take it off.”

STEVEN VERGE MERCER: “They moved a picture - so what,? It’s their communal area, not yours.”

PHILIP RICHARDSON: “Of course it’s okay, it’s their common room so the decor is their business.”

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