AS the rain continues to lash down Ladbrokes has stopped taking any more bets on June 2016 being the wettest on record.

We are anticipating that Royal Ascot, Wimbledon and Glastonbury will be a washout this year.

Bike Week 2016 was shrouded in cloud, and the relentless rainy forecasts meant that people were wary of venturing out into the inevitable deluge.

But if you are well prepared you can get out there on your bike to face anything the weather throws at you, and you won’t have to spend the rest of the day shivering in damp clothes that refuse to dry out.

Here are my top tips that will help you enjoy a rainy cycle ride.

1. Have a rear mudguard – those cyclists without one have wet bums and a hallmark muddy stripe all the way up their back, which is impossible to wash out.

2. If you can’t avoid them, go slowly through those big puddles that seem to form so readily on Oxford’s roads nowadays – you can’t see the submerged potholes which, if you are going at speed, could seriously damage your wheels or you.

3. Wear a cycle jacket with hood to avoid looking like a drowned rat – I have a bright pink Altura jacket, which has a detachable hood that can be tucked away in a back pocket when it isn’t raining. (You do though need to wear your helmet so you can look behind you without your head disappearing inside the hood!) 4. Treat yourself to decent breathable waterproof trousers and overshoes – the comfort is well worth the cost. They really do work and once you have taken them off you look as though you have come by taxi.

5. Get a good waterproof cover for your briefcase or rucksack – it is very dismaying to pull out your valued possessions and find they are sodden.

6. Take a plastic bag with you to stuff all your wet gear into at the end of your journey to protect those valued possessions that you have managed to keep dry so far.

7. Wear trousers rather than a skirt – trying to put waterproof trousers over a skirt is rather undignified, and you may not want the shabby chic crumpled look that results.

8. Give yourself a bit of extra time – donning your waterproofs seems to add 5 minutes to a journey. Why is it that I forget this tip every time and end up late for an appointment?

9. And finally – if there is any suggestion of rain take those waterproofs with you. Having them with you is a talisman against it raining. Though don’t leave them on your bike as they’re an easy thing to nick.

So now you are ready for the rain and as you whizz along you can wave merrily at those poor drivers who decided to get in their cars to avoid getting wet and are now stuck in a traffic jam. And sing away Gene Kelly style – though sadly they won’t hear you as they are imprisoned in their cars.