A NEW charity fundraiser has launched in Oxford to support mothers and babies without food in Bangladesh.

Shokhi Bangladesh was launched by volunteers in Cowley yesterday [sunAUG30] to help raise funds and awareness.

The charity will fundraise to provide food packages to mothers and children in Bangladesh.

In the long term, the team hopes to be able to build an orphanage to support the Bangladeshi families.

Taking part in the appeal is Hojjat Ramzy, director of the Cowley-based Oxford Islamic Information Centre.

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Dr Ramzy said: “There is a responsibility for all to help – Bangladesh is not in the news and they are suffering badly and have nobody to look after them.

“Shokhi Bangladesh means happy Bangladesh. When the children are happy, the mother is happy and when the mother is happy, the family is happy. If we can save some little lives, we have done our job.”

A team of about 15 volunteers launched the charity yesterday at the East Oxford Community Centre.

According to the group, 26 per cent of the Bangladeshi population live below the poverty line and the child malnourishment rate stands at 48 per cent.

The group has worked out that creating a food package to send would cost £9.71 each.