GIVEN that David Cameron is the man with his finger on the nuclear button it is slightly worrying that the Prime Minister doesn’t have a bit more control over Witney Conservatives.

The constituency association’s website seems to be stuck in a pre-May time warp where the election never happened and the Liberal Democrats are still in government.

The website says Mr Cameron is head of a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition, somehow ignoring the fact the Lib Dems were decimated in the election and ended up with just eight seats.

The Insider would have imagined Witney Conservatives would have been ecstatic with a Tory majority. But perhaps there are some more liberal Conservatives in West Oxfordshire who secretly pine for the days of Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg spending their days together in Downing Street.

Oxford Mail:

THE Insider is an avid fan of TV quiz shows, particularly more high-brow offerings.

So there was delight all around when Witney whizzkid Duncan Enright was spotted on Only Connect, the BBC show focused around making connections between seemingly unrelated clues.

The Labour councillor and one-time parliamentary candidate for the constituency teamed up with Paddy Baker and Dave Robinson to face questioning from Victoria Coren Mitchell.

Unfortunately he and his teammates let West Oxfordshire down somewhat as they failed to triumph.

Perhaps after his failed challenge of David Cameron last May Mr Enright is getting to enjoy being a runner-up.

NO one could say Network Rail is having an easy time of it at the moment.

Scrapping multi-million pound schemes and delaying others must mean life in the PR team cannot be a happy one right now.

So surely all the more reason not to make stupid mistakes?

And yet, in the firm’s own planning application to Vale of White Horse District Council to make alterations to Radley Road bridge, they managed to spell the name of the village wrong in “Redley” Railway Station.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that residents in Radley have been fighting Network Rail for the past two years after it put up car parking charges, pushing commuters out onto the narrow village streets.