SHARP-EYED Tim Hallchurch MBE, right, spotted that the Queen’s portrait was missing at the county council meeting earlier this week.

The Tory county councillor for Otmoor was not happy that the picture had been taken down and made his feelings known on Tuesday.

Afterwards he told The Insider: “The Queen’s portrait usually hangs behind the chairman but I think there has been some refurbishment to the chamber so it wasn’t there.

“There’s nothing sinister going on, but I think the portrait of Her Majesty should be in place for council meetings, so I would like it to be returned. It’s possible the portrait was taken down while a thermostat was fitted but I want it back for the next council meeting.”

WHEN they are not putting their heads together to help run Oxford the city council’s brains’ trust is hard at work elsewhere.

The Insider was attempting to win big at The Old Bookbinders pub quiz in Jericho when he came up against a dream team of councillors Colin Cook, Susan Brown and Alex Hollingsworth.

On a disappointing night for The Insider, the council’s brainboxes streaked ahead and secured victory.

Worryingly, not a single member of the team knew which animal mohair comes from (The Insider knew it was a goat) and were lacking when it came to knowledge of Inspector Wexford.

But a strong round on The Beach Boys saw them home.

The Insider was left stumped by some of the 1960s trivia – wouldn’t it be nice if he were older?

PLAYING it safe with the latest election leaflet is Conservative MP Nicola Blackwood.

Her latest missive to residents in the Oxford West and Abingdon constituency is very straightforward.

She outlines her priorities but does not claim at any point what a poor job her main rivals the Liberal Democrats might do.

Hopefully this suggests that a good clean fight will continue in the hotly contested seat, which Ms Blackwood narrowly won last time out.

The Insider is sorry to inform readers that so far there has been no communication from the Labour Party and is very keen to see its election pledges.