FREEDOM of Information requests can be dull and tedious affairs, as anyone who is a regular visitor to FOI website will know.

So hats off to David Rhodes for this gem to Oxford City Council, which raised a smile: I ask under FOIA Why the roadworks are put in our way, So the buses and coaches On all the approaches Get stuck in a jam every day.

The council’s response? “Thank you for your limerick email. Oxfordshire County Council is the responsible authority for highways’ repair in Oxford and Oxfordshire.

“Therefore, you should send your request to that council.”

Friday, December 5, saw people across the country pull on their festive knitwear for National Christmas Jumper day in aid of Save the Children.

Staff at the Oxford Mail got in on the act and three of our editorial staff featured in a photo tweeted from our account @TheOxfordMail.

But we were in for a shock when it was retweeted by Dating Agency Group, which describes itself as an “online singles dating and introductions agency”.

Their account also tweeted everyone in the photo to say: “Nice pic guys.”

If journalism doesn’t work out perhaps a career in modelling might beckon.

OXFORDSHIRE County Council leader Ian Hudspeth and his new bedfellows from Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire chose the illustrious location of the Silverstone race circuit to launch a new “tri-county alliance.”

But standing on the podium for a photo call – somewhere usually associated with a lavish waste of Champagne – might not have been the most PR-savvy move.

Fortunately readers of the Oxford Mail aren’t likely to fear such irresponsibility from our county leader.

Judging by the council’s latest financial position, it probably couldn’t afford to splash out on bubbly anyway.