As if residents hadn’t had enough of flooding without their own council contributing.

The Insider packed their welly boots after getting a press release from Oxfordshire County Council saying that it would be “holding a flood” at the West Oxford Community Centre on Friday, October 31.

Luckily for those in Botley Road, it was just an unfortunate typo and they were instead treated to a “flood fair,” the lucky people.

  • Surely those with ambitions to become MP for the Banbury constituency would anticipate that folk would take an interest in who they were?

But it would seem North Oxfordshire Conservatives’ Association, initially, would disagree.

The group refused to publically reveal the details of the women on its shortlist for next year’s election candidates.

But then it swiftly had a change of heart yesterday.

Fingers crossed that whoever does go on to contest the seat is happy to let the voting public know who they are.

Oxford Mail:

  • WHOLESOME praise should be given to Wantage MP Ed Vaizey – also Minister for Digital Industries – who responded to our enquiry about Oxford’s mobile reception in just three minutes.

Our reporter’s email was fired off at 1.35pm on a Wednesday, asking for comment, and Mr Vaizey impressively shot back his response at 1.38pm.

Perhaps he is just as keen as us to get to tackle the problem... or perhaps a meeting was dragging on.

Oxford Mail:

  • County Council leader Ian Hudspeth , pictured, was left red-faced after failing to provide a ticket on the first passenger line service between Oxford and Cowley in more than 50 years yesterday.

The acting conductor asked if he and deputy Rodney Rose could show him tickets for the journey.

Luckily for Mr Hudspeth, he saw the funny side and his face was just red from laughing at the little joke.