SHORTLY before the elections, the Oxford Mail reported on a spate of graffiti canvassing votes for city councillor Colin Cook, pictured.

Mr Cook claimed to know nothing about the script, which had been daubed on a number of walls across West Oxford including those of Oxford Mail Towers, and was particularly bemused because he was not standing for election this year.

But the mystery now seems to have been solved: after the elections, Mr Cook was unable to win re-election to Oxford City Council’s executive board.

So it would seem that rather than canvassing votes among the general public, someone was actually trying to win over his fellow Labour councillors.

Fat lot of help it did him.

The Insider has learnt that a shocked member of staff at City of Oxford College was surprised when she opened her emails this week to find out she had died.

An email was sent out to staff reporting that Carol Tasker had passed away.

This prompted widespread concern that the librarian bearing that name had died.

Oxford Mail:

After further investigation, it emerged the Carol Tasker in question, pictured above, was the one who had taught at the college until 1994 and who had just died at the age of 103.

Monty Python star Terry Jones has a confession to make...he’s been speeding in Oxford.

The comedian shamelessly using an interview with a motoring magazine to plug the Pythons’ farewell reunion tour, admitted being caught driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone in the city.

Oxford Mail:

Jones, pictured above, who directed Life of Brian, opted to go on a speed awareness course in Milton Keynes as part of his punishment. I hope the course organisers were not too confrontational with him when they asked him why he was in such a rush. After all, no-one expects a Spanish Inquisition.

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