EVERY road I go down at the moment seems to be booby trapped, which is so frustrating.

I’m not going to make up any stories and I just hope in the races before the summer break at Barcelona, Assen and the Sachsenring we can string together some solid results and put the last few races behind us.

It’s such bad luck that these things happen in different circumstances.

There are loads of positives to take, but it’s only the race where the points count and it’s there you need to showcase just what you can do and for the last four races we have not been able to do that.

The difficult thing to explain to you guys back home is the results, because it certainly does not look good.

I hope in Barcelona, on June 15, we can turn it around and show what I believe is possible, because until the race in Mugello I was really happy and comfortable riding the bike.

I turned up and straight away felt a lot happier after we changed the seating position.

I felt I was riding my bike again and we were very competitive all weekend and were very pleased with my lap time in qualifying.

I started seventh and time-wise I was close enough to be fighting for a place on the front row, which was a big plus.

My pace in warm-up with a full fuel load was really positive, which made me excited for the race.

It was a team decision before the race to go with the harder option front tyre in the warmer weather, although I had not tested it for more than three laps during the whole weekend.

Everbody had chosen that tyre and it seemed the right thing to do, but right from the first lap I knew it did not have the same grip.

It didn’t feel like I was going to crash, but at Arrabiata One I got in there and when I touched the throttle it lifted the front end of the bike and down I went.

It was frustrating to end up in the gravel because we’d done a good job up to then.

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  • Preparing for the race on the grid in Italy

We felt we’d turned it around from Jerez and Le Mans and were a lot happier with how everything was working and understood the bike a lot more.

But it just shows there’s more work to do.

I’m not going to get down about the crash in Mugello it and this week I’ve been in Italy training.

Today, I fly to the Isle of Man to do a parade lap at the TT, which is followed by a PR event in France on Saturday, before a couple of days chilling at home in Andorra ahead of the next race.

I lived in Barcelona when I was in the MotoGP Academy and know my way round certainly more than I do in the streets of London, although perhaps not Oxford.

I must have completed more laps there than any other circuit in the world.

I love the atmosphere of the TT and for the last two years I’ve been over there sat in the hotel with the rain preventing any laps on a bike.

I’m really excited to actually ride the track on the R1 Yamaha after only going round in a car.

Also to witness the senior race on Friday will be amazing because I have nothing but utter respect for the guys who race on the mountain circuit.

I was very sad to hear of the deaths of Bob Price and Karl Harris during this week of racing.

Competing over there gives the riders a buzz you could never imagine, but sometimes you pay the ultimate price.

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