OXFORD residents need no introductions to the vicious world of the city’s housing market.

Homes in some of Oxford’s more desirable locations sometimes seem to be sold before they even go on sale.

But the Oxford East Lib Dem hopeful has had an early introduction to the city’s housing bubble.

Mark Mann is standing against Andrew Smith in next year’s general election – but first he has to sell his house in North Wales.

The Lib Dem was spotted tweeting that he still hasn’t been able to find a buyer, so in the spirit of charity The Insider reproduces here a picture of Mr Mann’s house.

After all, it won’t be much of a competition next year if he can’t even move to Oxford.

STRIKES and austerity suggest this country is going back to the future. So perhaps here at the Oxford Mail we’ve got carried away with this in our election coverage.

The Socialist Party of Great Britain has contacted us to say that the logo we have been using in our election coverage is one which was “stolen” by a rival political faction.

Max Hess, one of the South East candidates in the European election, contacted us to say: “The logo you are using is that of the former Militant Tendency group who ‘stole’ our ‘Socialist Party’ name for themselves in 1997, despite our Socialist Party having been in existence since 1904!

“They are not standing candidates at all.”

Oxford Mail:

  • The logo

To set the record straight, here is the Socialist Party of Great Britain’s logo.

Some things never change, and its good to see factionalism in Britain’s left is one of them.