CRIMINALS are getting younger these days. And if you ask Eynsham’s local police officers they’ll certainly confirm that.

Over the weekend the town’s rozzers tweeted that they had been “got” by two five-year-olds who stormed the police office in the village hall with water pistols.

As amusing as this image is, it does cause concern about security at Thames Valley Police.

Perhaps The Insider will try storming the force’s Kidlington HQ with a whoopie cushion and a potato gun.

Oxford Mail:

  • Gill Sanders

SOME councillors will go to great lengths for their role. It was brought – not particularly subtly – to the attention of one of The Insider’s colleagues that city councillor Steven Curran had returned from his holiday to be at this month’s full meeting of Oxford City Council.

The Insider can only congratulate Mr Curran for his dedication but couldn’t help but notice that he was also being applauded by his colleague Gill Sanders, left, the Labour whip on the city council.

Ms Sanders, whose job it is to make sure councillors turn up to vote, is obviously a fearsome foe for councillors hoping to have a little time off.

Oxford Mail:

ONCE again Witney MP David Cameron – who also holds another apparently important position – has gone on holiday, this time to Lanzarote.

Unsurprisingly this has fixed national attention on the MP’s dress sense rather than his policies.
Daily Mail columnist Quentin Letts described Mr Cameron’s loafers as “beige-a vu”.

Maybe this could give his local opponents in next year’s general election an idea.

Labour’s Duncan Enright is hoping to pull off an unlikely victory by storming the impregnable Tory fortress of West Oxfordshire but perhaps he could gain some added support by updating his wardrobe.

Oxford Mail:

  • Duncan Enright