WEST Oxfordshire is home to a wide range of the rich and famous – including musicians such as Blur’s Alex James who makes cheese from his farm in Kingham and Philip Selway, formerly of Radiohead.

But now the area could have another musical talent to add to its roster in the form of local MP David Cameron, pictured, who also happens to be Prime Minister.

Oxford Mail:

  • David Cameron

Mr Cameron is hoping to make his chart debut by recording a track for the official First World War centenary album which will also include contributions from EastEnders star Danny Dyer and Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean.

The Prime Minister is contributing a reading of Rupert Brooke’s famous poem The Soldier.

Perhaps it might be a while before we see Mr Cameron making an appearance at one of West Oxfordshire’s music festivals.

THERE was power play taking place at this week’s west area planning committee – but it had nothing to do with policy.

This month’s meeting was taking place in the unusual venue of Town Hall’s Long Room rather than its usual place in the Old Library.

Apart from there being a lack of a press bench (not that we hold a grudge) there were also not enough seats for the councillors.

Oxford Mail:

  • John Goddard

When John Goddard, above, vacated his seat to chair the meeting it was briefly suggested that the councillors might move down to give their colleague Colin Cook more room.

But Bob Price, the leader of the city council, sat in the vacant seat instead leaving Mr Cook, the executive board member for city development, in a tight spot.

At least Mr Cook now knows where he stands – or indeed sits.

ONE of The Insider’s colleagues noticed that Thames Valley Police’s Twitter account went a bit funny on Tuesday.

But then we realised that the force was policing the visit to Windsor of Irish President Michael D Higgins, pictured below, and actually someone at TVP was tweeting in Gaelic.

Oxford Mail:

  • Michael D Higgins

At least it hasn’t taken time away from tackling crime as revealed in yesterday’s Oxford Mail – it’s at the lowest rate for 15 years.

As well as the force has done in lowering crime rates recently, The Insider wonders how much time it dedicated to learning Gaelic rather than stopping Oxfordshire’s scoundrels.