Last week was February half-term which can be a tricky one. Unlike holidays in the warmer months, parks, beaches and outdoor activities in general aren’t really an option. A fall of snow would have been ideal (though I’m sure commuters would disagree) but in this wettest of winters there has not been even a sniff of the white stuff.

In preparation I cleared the decks of work the previous Friday and planned a week of trips involving predominantly indoor activities. From family visits, to indoor play centres to McDonalds, there wasn’t a day when we weren’t out and about somewhere or other. This was essential to stop the kids from getting cabin fever. They hate being cooped up inside and with the incessant rain this winter even the garden has been out of bounds most of the time.

The highlight of the week was Thursday’s trip to Oxford on the S5. The kids love any trips involving buses or trains. On this occasion we managed to get the front seats on the top deck giving us the best view in the house. I so much prefer public transport to driving when I am with the kids because I don’t have to concentrate on the road and can interact with them much more. They pretended they were driving the bus and I pointed out items of interest as we travelled along. It was all good fun with not a hint of moaning or arguing from the boys – one of the main symptoms of the aforementioned cabin fever.

We were planning to eat out so needed to make a choice from the vast number of eateries available. I had two criteria that needed to be filled – firstly the place needed to be child friendly and secondly I had a massive craving for an all-day breakfast. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I can’t do without my bacon and sausages.

Giraffe in George Street fulfilled both these criteria and I highly recommend it if you’ve got young kids. The staff were friendly and welcoming and as soon as we were seated brought over colouring paper and crayons. The kids’ drinks came in child friendly cups with a lid (to minimise spillage) and plastic giraffes in the top. We even got balloons. All of these little touches helped to keep the children happy while we waited for the food.

They brought the children’s food out first, always a plus as my two take ages to eat and crucially it wasn’t hot. Nothing can ruin a meal out more with children than being served a plate of radioactively hot chips. The temperature of the food was “just right” as Goldilocks would say so I had two happy contented children. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that my all-day breakfast was lovely.

So after a fun-filled week with the children they head back to school. I am sure some parents will be relieved but not me. I enjoy every moment with them while they are little like this because I know it won’t last forever.

Jason Ayres is a Bicester based author of two humorous parenting diaries. You can follow him on Twitter @AusterityDad