AFTER storming to victory in Abingdon in recent county council elections, Lib Dem councillor Neil Fawcett is already using his platform to attack foreign energy firms – but not for the reasons you would expect.

On his twitter feed, Mr Fawcett, weighed into a debate and declared: “The EDF don’t stand for English values at all”.

No Neil, they probably don’t, but surely that’s because they’re French?

The Insider suspects that Neil’s one letter short of a far-right group, and that he had meant to refer to the far-right English Defence League. But you never know, he might really hate the French...

AIDES to Oxford-based MEP Catherine Bearder  have been phased recently by bizarre packages delivered to her office.

Three VHS video tapes have been sent to the Lib Dem politician’s Frideswide Square office by freepost. Thankfully, none contained noxious substances, unless you hate sci-fi and cartoon humour that is.

The first tape was an episode of Star Trek Voyager, which arrived in a video box with a neatly trimmed Catherine Bearder letterhead stuck in the sleeve.

The second, a few days later, contained a number of South Park episodes, helpfully condensed onto one tape and with another letterhead inserted snugly into the sleeve.

The sender even went to the effort of shrink-wrapping an address label to the third tape, which turned out to contain episodes of the sci-fi series Babylon Five.

Whatever next, we wonder? Our money’s on a Star Wars video, inscribed with a pro-Europe message like: “May the force be with EU”...

COUNTY cabinet member for finance Arash Fatemian is clearly in politics to help people. The only problem is he appears to be helping them one at a time.

Mr Fatemian has said he cannot rule our further cuts to the council’s budget, but has now taken to restoring the balance by giving out Robin Hood-style handouts.

He tweeted: “Good deed for the day - woman at the park & ride didn't have cash to pay for the bus to get to Oxford Crown Court so bought her a ticket.”

Who said Tories aren’t generous?