WHAT I’M CALLED: Jane Gallagher.

MY AGE: I am 45.

WHAT I DO: I am Play Development Officer, working for a charity called Oxfordshire Play Association. Working to increase play in the county for children and teenagers – best job in the world.

WHERE I LIVE: I live in Florence Park, Oxford. It is a hotbed of amazingly talented people.

WHOM I LOVE: My husband Dips – nicknamed after Dippy the Dinosaur (obviously).

HAPPIEST YEAR: This one – each year just gets better, and as my children have got to the lovely ages of seven and nine, life just gets easier, happier and more fun.

DARKEST MOMENT: I’m lucky enough not to have had many dark moments – I try to find a positive even in tough life events.

PROUDEST BOAST: I was once runner up in the “Best Teacher in Scotland” award.

BIGGEST REGRET: The amount of time I spent worrying about “stuff” when I was younger.

WORST WEAKNESS: If I’m being honest – having a good gossip. On a lighter note – anything from Thornton’s chocolates.

LESSON LEARNT: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford.

DULLEST JOB: Definitely my paper round when I was 14.

GREATEST SHAME: My grandma didn’t meet my children. Grandma Freda was funny, sweet, eccentric and dynamic – and my kids would have loved her – and she them.

LIFE-LONG HERO: My mum – who else?

OLDEST FRIEND: Laura Green – we went to school together in Paisley, Scotland, and we both now live near each other in Oxford.

WIDEST SMILE: Wrestling with my two daughters, Libby and Flo.

FAVOURITE DREAM: My favourite dream is that everyone helps each other and looks out for their neighbours. Play is great for enabling all ages to come together, so by organising community “Play Day” events, street play, and increasing playfulness, I am working towards making my dream a reality.