A NURSERY run by an Oxford University college is providing children with 'calm and positive role models,' Ofsted has said.

St Paul's Nursery in Walton Street, Jericho, has been rated 'good' by the childcare regulator after an inspection at the start of February.

A report published by Ofsted yesterday stated: "Staff are calm and positive role models and children's behaviour is good.

"Children learn to play alongside one another well and are supported to share and take turns.

"Children are well prepared to move on to the next stage in their learning."

The nursery was last inspected in 2015, when it was also rated 'good.'

It is run by Somerville College and originally only accepted children of the college's staff, but is now open to families who do not have a connection.

Priority for places is still given to the Somerville community, however.

Ofsted said staff 'know children well' and make regular assessments of progress.

The report added: "Babies are delighted to explore paint as they make marks with large brushes and their fingers.

"Toddlers join in enthusiastically with singing familiar songs confidently...[and] staff support older children in their understanding of the world by talking to them about the different planets and solar systems and encouraging them to recall information from previous conversations."

The nursery opened in 1992 and had 15 children on roll during Ofsted's visit.