TIME is running out to view a special public exhibition of a pioneer of colour photography at Headington’s Bury Knowle Park.

The display, ‘Burn Knowle in Colour 1908 + 2019’ was launched at the park library, North Place, on February 15.

It provides a showcase of work from artist and colour photography pioneer Etheldreda Janet Laing who lived and worked at Bury Knowle House from 1899 to 1923.

From 1908 Mrs Laing photographed her daughters, Janet and Iris, in Bury Knowle’s garden and house using the newly-invented Autochrome colour process.

Her original photographic plates form part of the Science Museum’s photographic collection.

There is also a display of work from students at the Oxford Brookes School of Architecture at the exhibition.

Entrance is free and the gallery is on display until Saturday.

No booking is required.

The library opens Monday to Friday from 9.15am and from 9am on Saturday.