A SCHOOL has installed a gadget to measure air pollution levels.

St Gregory the Great Catholic School in East Oxford is now home to a clean air monitor, providing students the chance to study air quality in their surroundings.

Writing in the all-through school's newsletter last week, St Greg's teacher David Henwood said: "This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to monitor in real-time our air quality.

"The equipment will be installed on the wooden shed opposite the sports hall, where there is an electrical supply.

"We are one of only six schools in Oxford to receive the device."

Last year pupils at the school passed out leaflets and window stickers to parents, urging them not to leave their engines running at the school gates.

It was part of a project run by Oxford City council 's 'schools tackling Oxford’s air pollution' project.

Mr Henwood added in the newsletter: "This is part of the same programme, but this time we have the opportunity to measure and record air quality in billions of units per square centimetre."