A VILLAGE school is valued by pupils for its 'caring' approach, a watchdog has said.

St Blaise CE Primary School in Milton, which teaches 74 pupils, has maintained its earlier Ofsted rating of 'good' following a short inspection last month.

Writing to headteacher Ruth Leach, Ofsted said: "You provide inspirational and dedicated leadership and, as a result, staff are proud to work at your school.

"You have created a strong and nurturing ethos, where diversity is celebrated."

Ofsted said pupils 'love their small and caring school' and get off to a 'flying start' in reception.

The letter added: "They say that their teachers are funny and reliable and always willing to support them. "

It said children 'get off to a flying start' in reception and make 'strong progress' even from low starting points.

The inspector wrote: "Staff are relentless in ensuring that the right help is made available to vulnerable pupils and their families.

"Leaders have successfully implemented an inclusive curriculum which ensures that pupils have access to a wide range of experiences and life skills.

"Being a good citizen is at the heart of the work of the school, and pupils regularly contribute to parish council meetings."