SCIENCE Oxford has launched a new programme for presenters to share tips.

The new Presenter Network will swing its doors open to people who present to audiences.

The team have launched the social hub to reach out to story tellers who teach and present to audiences at museums, universities and youngsters at schools.

‘Presenting 101’ will be the first skill sharing, training and meeting session and will be open to anybody who is involved in presenting.

The free group event will be run with the aim of gathering people from across the board to meet, ‘share ideas and successes, almighty mess–ups and top tips for handling unruly audiences.’

The Presenter Network Oxford hub is led by Rowena Fletcher Wood, events officer for Science Oxford, who said: “This new opportunity to join an international network of performers and communicators allows presenters from all kinds of backgrounds to mix, mingle and merge.

“I’m really looking forward to our first session, and can’t wait to meet fellow presenters from the area to hear about their experiences and ideas – it’s going to be the start of something really exciting for Oxford!”

‘Presenting 101’ will be run on September 27, from 3pm- 5pm at the Pod in Oxford’s Centre for Innovation.

To become a member of the Presenter Network and for more information on the first ‘presenting 101’ visit