NO current proposals for the Oxford to Cambridge expressway are backed by the Liberal Democrats in the Vale of White Horse district, the party's group leader has said.

Debby Hallett – which has nine members of 38 on the council – said some people 'may still be totally unaware of the full consequences' of any potential road. Some campaigners have complained it could carve through the Green Belt south of Oxford.

It said current traffic congestion on the A34 'causes severe problems to residents and the local economy', but that 'none of the expressway corridor options will significantly reduce [it].'

Highways England has published three broad corridors for any route – and one of those will be picked to go for further consideration in July.

The Government supports the plan, which it has said will boost development in the 'arc' between Oxford and Cambridge. It has said it wants to build up to one million homes in that region before 2050.

The expressway could be built by 2030.