ALTERNATIVE medicine such as reflexology and acupuncture could be used to help people undergoing fertility treatment in Oxford.

Oxford Fertility has joined with the Natural Fertility Clinic to offer the ancient practices for patients at its Oxford Business Park North site.

Oxford Fertility patients will now have access to a team of qualified practitioners and so can receive the complementary therapy when trying to conceive or undergoing IVF.

Medical Director at Oxford Fertility Tim Child, said “Lots of our patients find that practices such as reflexology or acupuncture help and so we wanted to bring experts in this field to our clinic, to help patients conveniently access such support.”

Some of the ancient therapies have been in use for more than 2,500 years and will be used to complement 21st century treatments at the practice.

Reflexology expert, Verity Paz, said “Our clients will now be able to see us directly before or after clinical procedures in calm, tranquil surroundings, with no need to travel.”

One of the practitioners has first-hand experience of infertility and how natural therapies can work alongside Oxford Fertility’s clinical treatments.

Following an ectopic pregnancy Sarah Jane underwent IVF at Oxford Fertility and gave birth to Samuel following her first cycle of treatment.

Commenting on the clinic’s opening within Oxford Fertility, she said: “It’s fantastic that people can attend alternative therapy appointments before or after their IVF treatment without the stress or hassle of driving anywhere.”

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