A CARING culture championing 'exuberant' play has proved to be a recipe for success for a village preschool.

Ofsted was impressed by the atmosphere at Little Bears Pre-School in Stadhampton, awarding it a rating of 'good'.

The 37-pupil preschool in South Oxfordshire was described by an inspector as a place where children 'thrive'.

Ofsted's report, published at the end of March, said: "The preschool and children benefit from skilled and dedicated leaders, who demonstrate a strong desire to provide the highest-quality childcare.

"Warm and caring staff give children a great deal of individual attention, and help them build strong relationships.

"Children are settled, happy and highly motivated to learn.

"They are fascinated by the world around them.

"Children delight in their achievements and staff reflect their great enthusiasm.

"Staff direct children’s exuberant play and support those who are less confident."