AN OXFORD woman has been shortlisted as part of a campaign designed to celebrate exceptional women in the Polish community across Britain.

Ewa Gluza, who works at Hertford College as a purchase ledger clerk, has been included in the final 18 of the Polish Embassy’s #Polka100 campaign.

She is also a Blackbird Leys parish councillor and chairwoman of the Oxford Polish Association.

The embassy has set up the campaign to celebrate when women were granted the right to vote in Poland in November 1918.

The country’s head of state at the time, Józef Pi?sudski, acknowledged women’s contribution to the survival of the Polish state.

In the same year, women were given a vote for the first time in the UK.

The Polish Embassy said it had selected 18 ‘regular, yet exceptional’ Polish women who have inspired people in Britain.

It said its campaign was a ‘broad spectrum of interesting and original professions performed by Polish women in this country’.

A message on the Hertford College website stated: “Congratulations to Ewa for all that she has done to inspire her local community both at Hertford and the wider world.”

Other nominees include Anna Kopyto, a project engineer for Transport for London, and Kasia Madera, a BBC World News presenter.