OXFORD University has gone 'over and above' the cycle parking required by building a 72-space store in Headington.

As part of the redevelopment of the Old Road Campus site, currently under construction, Oxford City Council said 46 cycling spaces must be created which has already been built into the plans.

But the University said its 'cycle parking standard' was higher than that of the council's and has revealed plans for a 72-space shelter on top of that.

Submitting plans on their behalf, Savills said: "The University applies higher cycle parking standard to that required by Oxford City Council of 1 space per 2.8 staff.

"This proposal will provide a separate shelter that represents an increase in cycle parking provision over and above that already approved."

The University said the shelter would enhance the likelihood of people cycling to work and therefore have a positive impact on the city's transport systems.

The shelter will be no higher than three metres and all lighting around it will be motion-activated to ensure safety and reduce the potential for criminal activity.

It will be completed by Autumn 2018 as part of the wider development - known as Project 696 - which will contain the Novo Nordisk research facilities and a car park.

It will also include the BioEscalator - a hub for the commercialisation of bioscience and medical research and innovation.

Plans for the secure cycle store could be approved by Oxford City Council at the end of January.