GRADE II listed Folly Bridge in Oxford will be restored after it was found to be in ‘poor condition’.

The stone bridge, which takes Abingdon Road over the River Thames into the city centre, will see one of its arches have more than 50 stones replaced.

But the work can only be done in September due to the habits of bats living in the structure and is expected to take the whole month - with one lane of the road closed.

Arch four - with arch one being the most northerly and nine closest to Abingdon Road - will undergo the work if plans for the restoration are approved by Oxford City Council.

Part of the carriageway will be excavated to expose the top of the arch for further repairs.

It is thought the bridge was constructed in about 1800 but due to cold weather over the year the stones have been attacked by frost.

More than 60 stones will need to be replaced with most coming from the underside.

A statement attached to the plans, put forward by Oxfordshire County Council, said: “The bridge will be partly restored owing to its current poor condition.

“The stone of the arch barrel is frost susceptible and there is extensive seepage through the arch barrel.

“Temperatures above the river are approximately 5 to 10C below that on the carriageway above which has led to frost attack of the stonework.

The bridge has been examined by a ‘master stonemason’ who has identified the stone and selected replacement stone less susceptible to frost.