YOUNGSTERS have been encouraged to explore science after a sixth former set up a club at a primary school.

Abingdon School pupil Carl Olavsen has set up the club at St Edmund’s Primary School.

It is one of the initiatives of the Ogden Trust Abingdon Primary Science Partnership, of which St Edmund’s is a member along with four other Abingdon primaries.

Carl, 17, said: “Science is a fun activity that everyone can do, it doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s great to take a look at everyday things from a scientific perspective. The children really enjoy the practical activities.

“I was nervous at first as I didn’t know what to expect but it’s been fun for me as well, the children are really keen and they really want to learn.”

Last term the club looked at a project to build houses that can withstand flooding while children learned about the scientific principles involved.

St Edmund’s science leader Fay O’Brien said: “Carl has made a positive impact on science at the school; the club is very popular with boys and girls.

“It helps children to make links between scientific concepts and real life by enabling them to participate in practical projects which run over a few weeks.

“They are able to be the investigators and to develop important problem solving skills.”

Carl is hoping to go on to teach science and maths in Zambia during his gap year.