SHIRE horses Roger, pictured left, and Winston are the latest addition to the team at Hook Norton Brewery.

The pair will be delivering beer to nearby pubs on Thursdays and Fridays, weather permitting, and will be out and about in Hook Norton on the first Saturday of every month.

They join fellow steeds Major and Nelson and are also set to make appearances at game fairs, country shows and beer festivals.

Eight-year-old Roger and Winson, 10, are black and pure-bred, standing at just under two metres tall.

A spokesman for Hook Norton Brewery said: "Shire horses have been an integral part of brewery life since day one and for many, many years, were the reliable backbone of its delivery system.

"The shire horses will be looked after by long serving drayman, Roger Hughes along with new groom Elizabeth Csak and will make their home in the brewery stables."

Visitors who come for tours could also meet the horses in the stables, he added.

Hook Norton Brewery has been based in the Cotswolds since 1849 and is one of only 32 remaining family-run breweries in the country.