THE magical world of Hogwarts is coming to a museum in Oxford next weekend.

This could be the first time that hotdogs and Harry Potter come together for a barbecue at the Story Museum on Saturday, July 23.

David Gibb, marketing and communications officer, said: "We've combined two of our favourite things - Harry Potter and barbecues - to create an event worthy of Dumbledore himself.

"It will be an evening of Harry Potter themed food, performances and activities, including a live comedy impromptu performances from the critically acclaimed Oxford Imps."

From 7pm to 10pm the museum on Pembroke Street will offer wand making, live magic, Dobby's cocktail bar and a Potter themed photo booth.

The museum's chef, Lubo Pavelka will be whipping up a selection of food from hippogriff burgers to giant squid kebabs.

Mr Gibb added: "Whether you're a muggle, wizard or house elf, you will not want to miss this evening of fun, laughter, great food and magic."

The barbecue is £15 and includes food and one soft drink.

A bar will be available throughout the evening.

Tickets can be purchased at or by calling the ticket office on: 01865 790050